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How to display simple and variable products on sale within a query loop in Bricks

In this post I’m going to show you how to display products on sale within a query loop in bricks builder, regardless of whether they are variable products, because the problem with the _sale_price metadata is that it only works with simple products.

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display on sale products query loop in Bricks

This inconvenience presented itself to me a few days ago with a client, I had finished developing their online store with Bricks and everything was working well, except for one thing, variable products with discounts did not appear in the product carousel, that’s when I realized that the _sale_price metadata is only present in simple products.

To solve this problem I found an alternative, maybe it’s not the simplest but it’s the only one I found until now without using more plugins (I’m not very fond of filling my wordpress installations with plugins), and the solution is the following PHP code:

Remember that this PHP code must be placed inside functions.php or use a plugin like Code Snippets.

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What does this code do?

If you’re interested, I’ll explain it to you:

  1. The first line uses the “bricks/setup/control_options” filter to add a new custom query option called “On Sale Products” to the available control options.
  2. The second function uses the “bricks/query/run” filter to run a new query if the “On Sale Products” option is selected in the control options. If this option is not selected, the original query results are returned.
  3. The third function uses the “bricks/query/loop_object” filter to set the post data for each product returned in the “On Sale Products” custom query. If this option is not selected, the original loop object is returned.
  4. The fourth function “sale_query” defines the arguments for the custom query to only get on-sale products, it’s limited to 8 products, and the products are ordered by post date.
  5. The function “sale_query” uses the function “wc_get_product_ids_on_sale()” to only get the IDs of products that are on sale.
  6. The function “sale_query” uses the “WP_Query” class of WordPress to perform the query with the specified arguments and get the results. It checks if the query returns no results with “if( ! $query->have_posts() )”, if it doesn’t return results, it returns an empty array.
  7. Finally, the function “sale_query” returns the results of the query in the form of an array of post objects.

What should I do with this code?

Nothing, just go to your Query loop and you’ll find a new option called On Sale Products, select it and you’re good to go.

On Sale Products Query Loop options

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