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The #1 Creative Bricks Builder Templates.

Fancy! Bricks Builder templates, build Your Website Breaking the Mold

Set yourself apart from the rest and give your customers a unique touch with Fancy Bricks. Transform your website and your clients' websites into something truly extraordinary. Explore this Bricks Builder Templates and unleash your creativity like never before!

Menu woocommerce categories Multi level
Woocommerce archive - Bricks builder template
Product cards woocommerce bricks builder
Bricks builder accessible tabs
Woocommerce single product - Bricks builder template
Comparative pricing table Bricks builder templates
Timeline slider bricks builder
Accordion bricks builder template
category products accordion bricks builder
Horizontal Accesible accordion Bricks Builder
List bricks builder templates
Carousel bricks builder

Template of the month

Introducing our featured template of the month! This month's favourite template is "Fancy Horizontal Scroll". This template does not use GSAP or external libraries to ensure good performance.

Horizontal Scroll in Bricks Builder
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With Fancy Bricks you will have creative and high quality templates, 100% responsive and easy to use. My value proposition is based on quality over quantity. I’m always updating the library with new templates every week, you can join the community and see for yourself.

With Fancy Bricks, you will be able to create stunning websites that will set you apart from the competition without the need for plugins.

  • More than 170 creative templates to set you apart from the rest.

  • New library with more than 70 templates (will continue to grow) focused on consistency and accessibility.

  • Some native Bricks Builder components are not accessible, FB 2.0 adds extra JS code to make some of the most used components accessible.

  • You only need Bricks Builder, no installation is necessary. The native version of FB 1.0 and FB 2.0 do not need any framework.

  • More than 90 templates in FB 1.0 adapted to ACSS and all FB 2.0 templates have their ACSS version.

  • You can use them in your projects and your clients' projects.

  • One of the most used and recommended methodologies to organize and scale your components.

  • The templates don't just look great on PC, they look great on mobile too.

  • Participate in the roadmap, vote and make requests for the next templates.

  • Join the Facebook community to find out about new releases.

  • I take the time to test each template so that you have no problems using it and you can offer quality to your clients.

  • I will help you with your questions and video knowledge base for the most advanced templates

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Free Bricks builder templates

Still not sure about buying Fancy Bricks? Don’t worry, sign up now and get access to the free Bricks Builder templates so you can see how they work. Remember that my templates do not require plugins, but it is recommended that you see the documentation to get the most out of them.

Fancy ecosystem

FB1.0 was the first brick builder template library that introduced creativity to the ecosystem. FB2.0 is focused on consistency and accessibility without forgetting creativity, this version uses utility classes and components.

Fancy Animations is a new product and does not require Fancy Bricks. Check it out and I’m sure you’ll like it.

Bricks Builder templates focused on creativity. Be different and unique.

Accordion bricks builder template

Bricks Builder templates focused on consistency and accessibility

Menu woocommerce categories Multi level

Add animations without affecting the loading speed of your website.

They speak Fancy

"Amazing Bricks Builder Templates"

Fancy Bricks has been gradually gaining recognition within the community, attracting the attention of various specialized media outlets that have highlighted its unique features and functionalities. Discover why these media outlets are praising my templates.

Crocoblock - ico

Helena Ivanova

"As this website’s name suggests, the components here are pretty fancy, with good design and suitable animations"

Bricks Builder templates
Imran Siddiq - ico

Imran Siddiq

"Amazing Bricks Builder Templates are available at Fancy Bricks and they are awesome"

Web Squadron
Brendan O'Connell - ico


"Fancy Bricks is a premium template library for Bricks. With lots of "Fancy" sections, you don't need any plugins to achieve some fairly complex designs"

Brendan O'Connell

What do Fancy Bricks users say?

Thank you very much to my users for taking the time to write these incredible testimonials of Fancy Bricks Builder templates, I appreciate it very much and it makes me very happy to know that Fancy Bricks has had a great reception.

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Justin Gallant

I have received some of the best customer service I have ever experienced from John. Its one thing to offer a great product, its another to provide great customer service to go with it. John has done both. I would highly encourage Fancy Bricks to anyone looking to level up their website.


RamytSamsara Project

As a new developer and new adopter to Bricks Builder, I’m finding the templates that Fancy Bricks has created super helpful. The templates help me to get ideas started quickly and then adjust them to my personal liking. John has been working super hard to get more and more templates out to us on a weekly basis, and I love this determination of his to keep his clients happy.

If you haven’t already bought the lifetime plan, I highly recommend you do so while the price is so good! Can’t wait to see more templates and components from Fancy Bricks!


César Hernández

An excellent and very useful product to optimize your time and create very beautiful sites.


Gareth Wynn

Well-designed templates that integrate within Bricks. Loving the fresh designs that are pushed out regularly. The templates are also super responsive. Keep up the good work!


Juli Díaz

After been checking and evaluating a considerable variety of Bricks designs sets, I discovered John Díaz’s work (we have the same Last Name but we aren’t brothers hehe) with Fancy Bricks layouts and templates several months ago. And I remember that when I first saw his work at its early stages I exclaimed: ‘WOW! This stuff looks promising!’

At the moment I can completely confirm that expectations. Not only has he fulfilled everything he promised but he has offered more than expacted, attending new requests from Fancy Bricks community (you can check his roadmap here, where users can suggest and vote for news designs:

With regular new layouts updates every week/month, I’ve found a solution for my Bricks projects in terms of stunning designs and templates. And it’s continuously scaling…

In conclusion, if I would had to highlight some aspects from John and his work would be his dedication to this project and his great aesthetic taste for design, with nicely built layout Bricks components. If you’re wondering to invest in a worthwhile Bricks templates platform, this is a hidden gem in the Bricks ecosystem, you won’t regret. It’s claim (‘I’ll always try to surprise you with my templates’) is really 100% true!!


Aleksandra DovzhikWebport.Studio

Fancy Bricks templates are very beautiful. Their use significantly speeds up the creation of sites on Bricks. If you are a novice website сreator, then a set of these templates will allow you to quickly understand how everything works in Bricks using their example. A lifetime plan with a weekly updated list looks promising. Thank you, John Diaz, I am very happy with my purchase, and thank you for your passion.


Marc LlopisStudio crabe Numérique

Fancy Bricks offers high-quality and attractive templates that have significantly improved the design of my project. The templates are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and easy to customize.

As soon as I started using Fancy Bricks templates, I immediately noticed a significant difference in the quality of my projects. Their professional and elegant design received many compliments and contributed to increasing interest in my work.

What impressed me the most is how easily I was able to modify and adapt the templates to my specific needs. The customization options are plentiful, and the provided instructions are clear and precise, making the process very intuitive.

Fancy Bricks’ customer service is also worth mentioning. The support team is always ready to help and answer questions, making the overall experience even more enjoyable.

I highly recommend Fancy Bricks templates to anyone looking to improve the appearance and user-friendliness of their projects. You will not be disappointed by the quality and professionalism offered by this exceptional company.

FAQs about Fancy Bricks Builder Templates

All Fancy Bricks templates are made natively, you don’t need any CSS plugins or frameworks. In some cases, you only need to enable the JS or PHP code included in some templates.

ACSS was not in the plans but after many requests I have started working on it. Currently there are about 50 ACSS optimized templates, the new templates will also come in their ACSS version. Updating the old templates will take time, the current priority is to release new templates every week.

Of course, you can use the templates from both versions at the same time, they are fully compatible.

You can obtain the templates in both ways. In your account, you can find the credentials for the remote templates, and you can also find a downloads section. Free users do not have access to remote templates. FB 2.0 only has a copy and paste option at the moment.

No, the images used are from Freepik, and I have a license to use them only in my projects. If you want to use these images, you must acquire a Freepik license.

Yes and no. You can use them for your personal projects and your clients’ projects, and you can modify, edit, and do whatever you want. The only thing you cannot do is resell them or include them in packages of products or plugins that you sell.

My value proposition is quality over quantity, and I also try to make creative and different templates. For this reason, I prefer reusable sections, but I understand that you may be interested in a set with a specific theme such as medical, fitness, travel, etc. So, these sets will gradually come out in the form of reusable sections, and once the collection is complete, I will put them together to create a homepage for each industry.

Yes, Fancy Bricks is one of the few template libraries that has a roadmap in which you can participate by voting and making requests for templates or features. It does not mean that I will fulfill all the requests. I take into account the number of votes, the feasibility, and creativity of the template.

If you are seeing this after April 1st 2023, I regret to inform you that only Early Adopters were able to access this special plan. I am a little concerned about the future of Fancy Bricks with Lifetime plans, so I have decided to only offer the annual plan. The Lifetime plan may return only on special dates such as Black Friday, Anniversary, Christmas, etc.

So far, no one has asked for a refund, which makes me happy because it means that I have satisfied all my users. However, you can request a refund if it is justified. I do not offer refunds without a good reason since templates are a digital product that can be downloaded and continue to be used.